Dimensions   Wheelbase
Total Length
Total Width             
Total Height
Empty Weight
Fuel Tank
2700 MM
4240 MM
1980 MM
1171 MM
1100 KG
Chassis   The chassis is a custom tube design produced in basic form from standard materials. The chassis is constructed in accordance with FIA standards and can also be manufactured in higher-quality materials.

The body is made entirely of polyester.
Here also, the customer has the choice of body parts fabricated from higher-quality materials.

Suspension   The special wishbones, designed to be fitted on all four corners, are linked through the AST shock absorbers to a proprietary anti-roll system. Stabilisers are also linked to this anti-roll system.
Brakes   The Hansen GTR is equipped all round with 6-piston AP Racing calipers and discs Ø356 x 35.5.
Wheels   For a lightweight and affordable wheel, we ended up going with OZ.
We have chosen the 8.5Jx18” and 12Jx18" OZ Alleggerita.
Engine   The powerful BMW 4.0L V8 M3 engine delivers 430 hp in standard trim.   
This is controlled by a KMS Engine management System.
Definitive specifications will be added later. 
Transmission   The Sadev Sequential transmission puts the power of this engine to the road.