Our Team


Sebastiaan Ooms (nick name Bas)

From an early age I was fascinated with anything mechanical. My entire youth consisted of tinkering with everything that was motorised. After completing higher education in precision engineering, I started working at Philips as a miller in the precision engineering department.

In 2001 I participated in professional international competition, in which I was later 4th in Korea.
Now as an independent entrepreneur I am making my hobby my work. Expertise and know-how are therefore crucial. Together with my highly motivated team I want to create a high performance GTR sports car.

Erik van den Heuvel

Better known as "Henk".
After my training in automotive engineering and getting my Heavy Goods Vehicle licence I've worked for years in international transport.

In order to find more free time for my "racing and technique" hobby I started working as a process operator in the petro-chemical industry.

And now together with Bas responsible at the development and construction of the Hansen GTR.