Ultima Can-Am V8 Bi-Turbo

This project starts by using the existing frame of the Ultima Can-Am.
This frame is then customised.
For example, the roll-bar moves towards the rear to create more seating area.
Also we made the rear divisible to save time in maintenance and/or repairs to motor/transmission.
Original engine mounts are then cut out and replaced with new ones designed for the Audi RS engine.

For this project we have chosen an Audi RS6 4.2 Bi-turbo V8 engine, with a freely programmable engine management system (KMS).
This is interfaced with the digital dashboard (AIM) in the car.
At the rear of this engine is a custom flywheel with double plate sport clutch (Sachs) .
This can handle up to 800Nm of torque.
Custom 6-speed gearbox, strengthened to handle the torque.

The exhaust system is handmade.
The braking system has been chosen for light aluminum calipers (Hi-Spec).
Front 6 piston and rear 4 piston with integrated handbrake.
The Ultima is equipped with AST suspension with springs and shock absorbers adjustable in height and stiffness for both incoming and outgoing stroke.

Because of our own fabrication shop it has also been possible to custom build our own fuel tank, shift linkage, steering, radiator and intercoolers.